Printer Problems #03 – Love – Hate relationship with printers

When things go well, everything in the garden (or office) is rosy
Loving thoughts –
Your computer and printer are connected
You can scan
You can print
You can copy
You can go away now that your boarding pass in your hands
The printer wakes up when it should do

Frustrating thoughts
Your printer is playing up and it’s not responding
Is there a paper jam?
A new cartridge that won’t print even though there’s plenty of ink
Your computer says it’s printing and nothing happens
Your printer says no paper but you’ve just filled the tray
The scanner isn’t saving your files
Your patience is being tested to the limit and still it won’t work
Now you’ve run out of options to fix the error
You’re ready to throw the printer out the window

Why is it that a printer not working is more frustrating than other issues that life throws at you?

Is there ANY printer that is trouble free?
There are steps you can take to minimise any errors. This may be connecting with a lead instead of wirelessly. Or getting a printer with larger cartridges so that you’re not changing inks so often.

There are solutions and it can be just a matter of trying a variety of fixes when things go awry.