Printer running costs – Is it a myth? Is ink as expensive as Chanel no 5?

Then look at how much you are charged for 3mls of ink. It’s not uncommon to see HP charge as much as £17.00 for a black ink cartridge.

Any quick calculation will show that a £62 35ml bottle perfume would be over £200 if it was ink.
A very common experience is when you buy a low yield HP cartridge. It has as little as 3mls of ink in it. That’s equal to 3 drops of ink. This is held in a sponge so even when it’s used up, there is still ink in the spent cartridge. This is such a waste.

More people buy the low yield options as they’re not aware that the higher filled, better value cartridges will fit in their printer. Yes, the higher filled option will cost you more to start with, but you’ll get so many more pages printed.

What does ink do for you & what does perfume do for you? One makes you feel good.

The kind of printers that take these low yield cartridges tend to be cheap but that usually means that the running costs will be more over time.

In other words, it’s false economy to buy a cheap printer.

With better value printers available, it makes sense to talk to someone who knows and cares.
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