Printer Answers #02 – What is a Laser printer?
The other main group of printers, separate from the inkjet printers, are the lasers. These print with toner, which is a very fine powder.

These printers come in mono (black only) and colour with 4 individual cartridges – Black, Cyan (blue), Magenta (red) & Yellow.

They have larger volume cartridges and are bigger units and are usually produced for the office and school market.

They can be more economical to run than inkjet printers but only in the higher volume models. The cost of electricity is significantly more for laser printers and the cost of the cartridges is much more but the volume you get is much more.

Printers are graded into the cost per page printed, which is a simple way of comparing running costs of different models. This can be mis-leading as it may not reflect the actual output as it is a basic volume for comparison purposes only.

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